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Oxford has a broader range of aviation-related services on offer to the General and business aviation industry than virtually any other establishment in the United Kingdom.

Engineering, design, and refurbishment services exist for virtually any light piston, jet, turboprop or helicopter type in operation today.

Training, flight crew provision, management and charter support services are also provided for at the airfield catering to all classes of operator, be they private, military, corporate or commercial.

Air Taxi and Charter - light aircraft, jets and helicopters
Aircraft Sales, management, fractional & lease expertise
Professional and private pilot training - all disciplines
Air ambulance and emergency air services
Aerial photography and survey work
Air courier and light airfreight services (overnight)
Extensive maintenance services and workshops on-site

Hangarage Now Available

General Enquiries:   T: +44 (0)1865 290 600 / 710
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