OXFORD AIRPORT | Airspace Public Consultation
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Airspace Public Consultation

London Oxford Airport

Langford Lane Kidlington

Oxfordshire OX5 1RA United Kingdom


Email: consultation@londonoxfordairport.com

Phone: +44 (0)1865 290 660/710

Airspace – Public Consultation


Update – 12.01.18  Thank you for taking the time to view our Consultation Document. You will be aware that this consultation is running alongside, but separate to, that of the RAF Brize Norton consultation for an Airspace Change. Some of the stakeholders have suggested that the images within the RAF Brize Norton Consultation could have been clearer. Whilst the original images were an accurate representation of the airspace, new images have been produced that might be easier to interpret by some stakeholders. In light of the time taken to reproduce these images, RAF Brize Norton has agreed to extend the consultation period by 2 weeks to allow stakeholders additional time to consider the new images. Since both London Oxford Airport and RAF Brize Norton ACPs are running concurrently, we intend to apply the same extension to our consultation period. Therefore, our consultation will now close on Thursday 5th April 2018.


We recommend that all stakeholders visit this website regularly to be sure to receive all available updates.


Procedures and airspace designs at London Oxford Airport (LOA) and at neighbouring RAF Brize Norton (BZN) are widely recognised as having been devised many years ago when the air traffic demands within the local area were quite different.  Modernising airspace is a key requirement of the Civil Aviation Authority’s Future Airspace Strategy to ensure we use that airspace as efficiently as possible.  To do this, modern technologies must be harnessed, and GPS based arrival, departure and approach procedures implemented where appropriate.  LOA is looking to introduce new arrival procedures and to restructure the local airspace in a manner that enhances levels of safety, improves efficiency by reducing the number of broken off approaches and ensures effective coordination between LOA and BZN.  These procedures have been developed to ensure that LOA and BZN traffic can be safely coordinated.


Of course, LOA recognises that aviation and non-aviation stakeholders may have strong views regarding the proposed airspace changes; in recognition of this fact we wish to consult with our local stakeholders, to describe our proposed changes, and offer you the opportunity to pass on your thoughts and concerns before we submit our final proposal to the Regulator. We encourage all consultees to provide us with supportive comments as well as any concerns. Additionally, even if you have no strong feelings either way, please tell us that is the case, as all opinions are valid and help to provide a reflection of the opinion of the wider community. Responses can be given via the below form, or responses can be sent via email to consultation@londonoxfordairport.com


The Consultation PDF Document can be viewed here: LINK


To view RAF Brize Norton’s airspace consultation, running concurrently with ours, click here : LINK


The consultation opened on 15 December 2017 and will close on 5th April 2018.

Consultation Form