Aircraft Refuel Agent
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Aircraft Refuel Agent


Job title: Aircraft Refuel Agent
Department: Airside Operations
Reporting to: Airside Operations Manager & Senior Refuel Agent
Location: London Oxford Airport
Date: 09th July 2019


Main purpose of job:


Aircraft Refuellers will work as part of the Ground Handling and Airport Operations Team, ensuring consistent delivery of high performance standards in the provision of smooth, timely and accurate processing of aircraft refuelling / servicing, in accordance with CAP 748, JIG4 and EASA.


Main responsibilities of the job:


  • Perform accurate and efficient aircraft refuelling operations to a variety of aircraft utilising mobile fuel bowsers;
  • Actively assist the Fuelling Supervisor with required Quality and Standards control checks/measures;
  • Actively assist with overseeing safe, timely and efficient tanker deliveries in/out of the fuel storage tanks;
  • Ensure that safe practices are maintained in accordance with Oxford Aviation Services Ltd safety polices.
  • Ensure any refuelling problems are managed with accuracy and efficiency ensuring that Airport Operations, Senior Fuel Agent and if necessary Airport Management are kept informed;
  • Ensure regular preventative maintenance within the operational environment (including but not limited to removal of FOD, Fuel Servicing equipment inspections /checks /cleaning);
  • Ensure that Fuel Bowser and Fuel Farm product levels are maintained within safety and operational requirements;
  • Work cohesively as part of the team so as to maximise co-operation leading to the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, while liaising with other departments to ensure our customers receive a high standard of service;
  • Attend operational briefings/debriefings regarding performance, procedural changes, safety issues;
  • Attend appraisals, performance reviews and training sessions as requested by your line manager;
  • Actively monitor and record Fuel Servicing equipment serviceability and fault reporting;
  • Ensure all paperwork and administrative duties are completed with accuracy, in a timely manner and relevant information is forwarded where appropriate;
  • Comply with airport procedures at all times, keeping fully updated with changes to procedures or new procedures;
  • Ensure that apron / ramp areas are kept clean and clear of any obstructions which may endanger the safety of aircraft;
  • Promote good working practise and report any accidents and incidents, as well as hazards or non-compliance observed in accordance with the Airport’s SMS, in order to ensure continual
    improvement in the company;
  • Monitor and ensure good airside discipline – use of hi-visibility clothing and other Personal Protective Equipment issued, restriction of general public access etc.;
  • Assist in the clearance of snow and ice from airside and landside surfaces during the winter season to maintain safety for Airport users and endeavour to achieve continuity of safe aircraft operations.
  • The above list is not exhaustive. You are also required to undertake additional tasks and/or duties as required by the Airside Operations Manager or Airport Manager, within the limits of your knowledge and competence.


Role Competencies


Key Performance Indicators


  • All administrative systems are effectively used, with accurate accounting and data information recorded (i.e. services provided, GPU hours, de-icing quantities handling, aircraft tows) and dissemination with the relevant teams at the airport
  • Ability to work to demanding customer requirements to meet their critical time lines
  • Attendance of regulatory and airport training courses


Regulation and Procedure Compliance


  • Complies with CAA / EASA / DfT regulation
  • Complies with company procedures
  • Complies with company Health and Safety and company security procedures
  • Embraces and complies with SMS management systems and procedures


Planning and Organising


  • Meets deadlines, sets realistic goals and achieves them
  • Follows instructions and procedures, works in a systematic and methodical way


Analysing and Interpreting


  • Makes good decisions
  • Quickly learns new technology and methods of work


Adapting and Coping


  • Flexibility, responds well and copes well with change
  • Positive and pro-active outlook


Interacting and Presenting


  • Good communication skills, written and oral
  • Good personal presentation


Supporting and Co-operating


  • Team work – works well with colleagues, helps other people out, consults others and listens to other people’s point of view, shows empathy
  • Upholds ethics and values


Customer Focus


  • Puts customer needs at the heart of what they do (internal and external customers), looks for ways to resolve complaints to both parties’ benefit, goes the extra mile
  • Listens well to customer needs
  • Can do attitude


Developing and Growing the Business


  • Fully aware of the need to balance excellent customer service with the need to keep costs to a minimum


Qualifications and Experience



  • Full UK driving licence
  • 5 Years continuous employment history
  • Able to pass a basic criminal record check
  • IT skills in Word and Outlook
  • Fast learner.



  • Experience of executive aircraft handling or fuel delivery.


The employee must;


  • Comply and co-operate with Company Health, Safety and Welfare requirements.
  • Ensure personal safety and that of others at all times.
  • Report any hazards, unusual occurrences or unsafe practices immediately.
  • Carry out emergency procedures when required.
  • Participate in safety briefings and meeting as required.
  • Report all accidents or near misses via the appropriate mechanism.


Level of responsibility:




Working conditions (hours of work, any travelling required etc):


Position: Salaried
Hours: The role involves rostered shifts to include weekends and Bank holidays.


To Apply;


Please submit your CV and covering letter to Kieran Meikle
Applications closing date is Sunday 28th of July 2019.