Hangarage & Office Space
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Hangarage and Office Space

London Oxford Airport has a broad choice of hangars for lease or shared use

London Oxford Airport has a broad choice of hangars for lease or shared use and will build new facilities to suit any given demand. Hangarage can take aircraft up to Boeing BBJ sized aircraft.

Tenancy tends to be fairly dynamic and as such it is best to enquire about availability of space dependent on aircraft size.

Most facilities are heated, insulated have high lux lighting and a degree of natural light through transparencies in the doors or the roofs and vary from typical 16,800 sq.ft. ‘Bellman’-type hangars to new 21,000 sq.ft. bays.

New offices can be built utilising modular solutions in a relatively short timeframe – 3 months is typical, to meet most requirements.

Current whole facility availability:

  • One 16,800 sq.ft. 1970s build facility, approximately 28m x 54m, could be made available within a short lead-time for exclusive use (currently general shared usage) either as is or fully refurbished to varying levels of fit and finish.
  • A new 16,000 sq.ft. bay with adjoining offices (approx. 1500 sq.ft.) will be completed by December 2017 suitable for aircraft up to Global 7000/Gulfstream 650 size

Current office space availability:

  • One 780 sq.ft. space divided into four rooms – can be modified to suit. 1940s structure but refurbished with double-glazed windows.   Landside access and close to airport entrance.

Pricing for individual aircraft is published in the Fees & Charges section

Please make enquiries for all other accommodation needs to:
Business Development – call: +44(0)1865 290 710 / e-mail:  jdg@londonoxfordairport.com

London Oxford Airport offers a lower cost, easy access and smarter London alternative