London Heliport & Helicopter Shuttle
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London’s only civil licensed heliport

London Oxford Airport is co-owned and operated with The London Heliport, London’s only civil licensed heliport.


For those landing their jets at the airport, we offer an on-site shuttle service to and from central London making the journey just 22-25 minutes, typically using either the Airbus Helicopter EC135, Agusta 109 or the Sikorsky S76.


When interlining with helicopters at London Oxford Airport either using an operator’s own or third party helicopters, we offer a great deal exclusive to us alone in the London region – we halve the cost of the landing fees at the heliport, halve the visiting jet landing fees at the airport (for aircraft over 15 tonnes) and waive entirely the landing fee for the associated helicopter activity at London Oxford.

For larger jets in particular, the cost of the helicopter shuttle is often completely offset by the savings made through parking at London Oxford rather than at one of the alternative ‘London’ airports like Luton, where FBO (VIP terminal) ramp space is often scarce and non-FBO parking particularly expensive.


If leaving their own aircraft parked-up in the UK (and near London in particular) for more than a day, the savings through doing so at Oxford can be considerable. The option of the helicopter link becomes a very attractive alternative into the heart of the city.


This offer is for non-resident, visiting jets. For those choosing to base their aircraft at London Oxford who also envisage regular helicopter and London Heliport usage, we offer very attractive bespoke incentives for joint use and tenancy.

The Oxford Heli-Shuttle – an example:


Interlining between the London Oxford Airport and the London Heliport is almost paid for by the savings made on the airport and heliport fees – the exclusive deal is:


  1. Half the jet landing fee at London Oxford (above 15 tonnes)
  2. Half the helicopter landing fee at The London Heliport
  3. No helicopter fees at London Oxford Airport

Example – Gulfstream 650 rotation at London Oxford Airport with 1 x EC135 or Agusta 109 shuttle/connection to or from London


  1. Half the jet landing fee at Oxford = £552 saving
  2. Half the helicopter fee in London = £380 saving
  3. No helicopter fees at Oxford = £78 saving


Total Savings: = £1,010

The £1,000+ saved therefore goes towards covering the bulk of the helicopter shuttle cost

Add to that vast savings in parking fees compared to London region peers and the helicopter link effectively becomes free – but only when using London Oxford!


Contact our charter sales department to organise a shuttle on:
Tel: +44(0)1865 290 710 / 720