Daily Training Slot Schedule & Availability
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This link goes to an online (read-only) summary of training slot availability at London Oxford Airport in real-time. It is updated constantly by our Air Traffic Control team as requests come in and demand increases through the day. The page is automatically refreshed, so you are always seeing the most up to date information.


For schools, trainees, cadets and their instructors this gives an instant snapshot of how busy we are going to be on the day with 5 minute ‘slot’ intervals. Booking in direct with OXF ATC is required if you wish to undertake training at the airport. Based operators and schools do tend to have priority over non-resident visiting aircraft who wish to undertake training at the airport.

The colour-coded ‘Load’ section indicates where we have most capacity for additional training activity for the day. Naturally the shoulder periods of the day are generally easier times at which we can accommodate some of the non-resident, visitor training traffic.


For our neighbours, especially those in the vicinity of, or under the training circuit, it gives an indication of the busiest periods during the day. The ‘Load’ section is a colour-coded indication of the busiest periods, RED being our busiest and closer to our practical (rather than planning-related) capacity

London Oxford Airport (EGTK) Traffic Monitor




Book in direct with OXF ATC  –  +44(0)1865 290 650  –  atc1@londonoxfordairport.com