Published Fees & Charges
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AIRPORT CHARGES Business Aviation

For a full list of charges for landing, parking, hangarage, cleaning, current fuel prices and other fees, please forward a request via our enquiry form and these can be sent via e-mail, by return.

London Oxford remains friendly with competitive fees. Residency at Oxford with 10 inclusive landings a month costs £180 (+ VAT) a month on firm, regularly cut, well-drained grass.

Oxford accepts, Amex, Visa and MasterCard along with Avcard (World Fuel Services), UV Air, Colt International, Multiservice and Air BP Sterling Card.

The current Landing, Parking & Hangarage fees/rates can be downloaded as follows:

• General & Business Aviation Fees & Charges – (PDF)

London’s only licensed downtown heliport, the London Heliport, is now jointly owned and operated with London Oxford Airport. We now offer fantastic deals when using both – for visiting jets being met by a helicopter destined for, or originating from the Heliport, the jet pays just 50% of the normal landing fee at Oxford (75% if under 15 tonnes), the helicopter pays nothing at Oxford and just 50% of the associated landing fee at the heliport. The combined savings can pay for the helicopter shuttle in the first place – a 25min run in and out of central London. For owners of both jets and helicopters accessing London, we offer exceptional combined residency packages – e-mail for further information.

For The Airport’s Standard Terms and Conditions see here (PDF).

Fuel Pricing – Oxford’s fuel prices are adjusted mothly (1st of each month) in line with the Platts standard index. Airport-based aircraft enjoy a 7.5% discount off posted Jet A1 prices – call (01865 290 660) / e-mail for latest price.

International non-EU operators seeking to reclaim UK VAT on goods/services rendered can do so using HMRC/VAT65A form and referring to Guidance Notes.

For the Business Aviation sector (turboprops & jets), landing fees and in particular parking fees remain particularly competitive when compared with commercial hubs and the prominent ‘London’ airports.

As a comparison, the table below shows figures sought by Business Jet Traveller magazine from various airports and FBOs around London for a Dassault Falcon 900 with four passengers needing to park for 24 hours. It included landing, parking, passenger and handling fees:

  • Airport
    Total Charge
    Drive Time*
    London (SW1/W1)
    Drive Time*
    London (M25/M40)
    Oxford $792 63 mins 39 mins
    Heathrow $2,797 40 mins 10 mins
    London City $2,700 26 mins 47 mins
    Stansted $2,523 59 mins 56 mins
    Northolt $2,047 21 mins 7 mins
    Luton $1,715 43 mins 26 mins
    Biggin Hill $1,332 43 mins 50 mins
    Farnborough $1,180 45 mins 28 mins
    Southend $910 67 mins 65 mins

* Drive time calculated using Microsoft AutoRoute Express – no allowance is made of the increased congestion on key arterial routes such as M1, M11, M25 and M3 which put some competing airfields at a disadvantage to Oxford. For instance, the M1 to Luton is 120% busier and the M3 to Farnborough 70% busier than the M40 to Oxford Airport – DfT data.