Pet Travel Scheme
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Oxfordjet dedicated Pet Handling

With a dedicated team trained to process the paperwork, meet & greet pets and their owners/handlers on arrival, Oxford Airport is approved to accept domestic pet imports. This now represents a hassle-free alternative to utilising the likes of Gatwick and Heathrow and of course on chartered aircraft, pets can relax in the cabin of the aircraft with their owners. Flights with pets onboard can be cleared through Oxford for onwards travel elsewhere into the UK.

Our team will check the pet’s passport, travel credentials and micro-chip with the owner or the pet’s escort in the cabin and once the paperwork has all been checked and stamped as required, the pet is free to disembark. This guide describes what you must do to ensure your pet is able to fly into the UK. All applications to enter a pet into the UK under the regulations of the PETS scheme must be received on e-mail by the Oxfordjet pet handling team at least 24 hours before flight departure to the UK, without exception.

Any pet arriving with incomplete or inaccurate documentation, without approval, or where its microchip won’t read, will have to be flown back to point of origin outside the UK or held in our Animal Reception Centre pending transportation to Quarantine and a resolution by the Quarantine Centre with the Animal Health Office

To arrange all pet arrivals please e-mail the Pet Handling Team or call us:

Tel: +44(0)1865 290 600


London Oxford Airport carries out the importation of domestic pets (Cats, Dogs, Ferrets) under the DEFRA / Animal Health PETS Travel Scheme.

Information for Aircraft Operators:

Applications for route permits must be made by specific carriers/operators on specific routes for each requirement and those forms filed with the Animal Health Office team at Animal Health London Heathrow. Only approved aircraft charter operators authorised by Animal Health / DEFRA to operate with animals onboard may be permitted to arrive at London Oxford Airport carrying pets as part of the PETS travel scheme. Proof of certification by the Authorities may be requested by Oxfordjet pet handling staff at any time.

A number of Oxford-based operators are approved for the transportation of pets including Flairjet, Gama Aviation and Volare Aviation, although a complete list of approved operators can be seen here.

Useful Downloads. Guide for pet owners and aircraft operators:
Pets Guidance to Entry EU and Listed Countries (pdf – 328KB)   Pets Guidance to Entry Unlisted Countries (pdf – 328KB)
RMOP Form for charter aircraft operators only (doc – 205KB)   Oxford Pets Terms & Conditions (docx – 608KB)

Heathrow Animal Health Office:
Animal Health, The Residence, Animal Reception Centre, Beacon Road, Heathrow Airport,
Hounslow, Middlesex. TW6 3 JF


Tel: + 44 (0)20 8759 7002