Aircraft Parking & Hangarage
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Aircraft Hangarage & External Parking

Note: For whole facilities – hangars or office space availability, look at our property page

London Oxford Airport (OXF/EGTK)
offers the following options for individual aircraft residency for which pricing can be given on request – call 01865 290 710 or email. Packages inclusive of a landings allowance are always best value if doing more than three landings a month at OXF.


Separate, bespoke pricing is available for training operations – PPL or professional.


For aircraft under 2.73 tonnes, external parking is at fixed monthly costs.


For all hangarage and external parking for aircraft over 2.73 tonnes, all residential costs are based on aircraft size, not based on weight.


Current availability/status:


  • Monthly Grass Parking inclusive of 10 landing allowance/month – this is primarily for aircraft under 2.73 tonnes, tie-downs are the owner’s responsibility
    Current availability: Several spaces – will be creating new zone behind new self-serve Avgas pumps by 2nd Qtr, 2022


  • Hard Parking with tie-downs – either with or without 10 landing/month allowance for aircraft Seneca-size or smaller
    Current availability: Very limited


  • Hard Parking, no tie-downs – whether with or without 10 landing/month allowance for aircraft of any size/weight
    Current availability: Limited for full-time residency – new aprons have been built but specifically for business aircraft predominantly


  • Hangarage – either with or without 10 landing/month allowance
    Current availability: Plenty again having completed the new Hangar No.15 for aircraft up to Global 7500/Gulfstream G700 size

For all residency enquiries call 01865 290 710 or email

London Oxford Airport offers a lower cost, easy access and smarter London alternative