Fuel Prices
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(direct from London Oxford Airport)



Jet A1


pence per litre excl. UK VAT

Avgas (100LL)


pence per litre excl. UK VAT

Avgas (100LL)


pence per litre incl. UK VAT



pence per litre excl. UK VAT – (our standard 30% biofuel blend/ratio)

SAF 10*

Coming Soon – (a reduced 10% biofuel blend/ratio)

EV Charging


pence per kWh (ad-hoc FBO Terminal guests only)

Please note that OXF prices are currently adjusted mid-week, weekly, generally in line with the Platts oil market indices changes.   However, for definitive pricing on any given day, please call or email OXF Airport Operations on ops@londonoxfordairport.com / +44 (0)1865 290 660

London Oxford Airport accepts multiple payment options from credit providers on aviation card and fuel accounts – check with your own provider(s) for their own OXF fuel costs – generally invoiced to you in US$ per US Gallon (OXF only sell direct in Pounds Sterling per Litre)

Avgas is available both at self-serve pumps and from bowsers, JET-A1 is only available from our bowsers at this time.

OXF-based resident aircraft/account holders may be entitled to resident discounts not identified above.   Any such discounts only apply when purchasing direct from OXF on account.  Enquire at jdg@londonoxfordairport.com for details on residency deals.

*London Oxford Airport now offers Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at either a 30% ratio (biofuel blend) or at a lower cost 10% ratio.   In both cases, a Product Transfer Document (i.e. proof of sustainability) verifying the exact biofuel mass acquired will be made available upon payment for the uplifts (or settlement of an account)