Getting to and from london
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By road or by train


At first glance, Oxford appears to be further geographically from London than some alternative airports.   However, the speed of access bears little relationship to distance – it is average traffic levels and the general motorway flow which are far more relevant.

Oxford also offer very fast turn-times for aircraft operators, less time in the air with no complex procedures and holds unlike many London peers, less taxi time on the ground and no airport slot limitations or requirements.   From touch-down to exiting the airport in a vehicle can be achieved in as little as 4 minutes.   All this contributes to better door to door total journey times, often ignored when trip planning.

The primary route into London from the airport is the M40 motorway which notably has no speed cameras between the capital and Oxford, has the highest average motorway speeds and the lowest congestion compared to the other major arterial routes in or out of London.   The M25 orbital motorway around London should be reached in around 45 minutes from the airport or less and then onwards into the city is subject to the particular end destination.   Areas such as Kensington, Notting Hill and Holland Park are comfortably within an hour’s journey from the airport.

As well over 95% of our business passengers are accessing their aircraft by road, we advise clients and their drivers to go around Oxford City during rush hours, notably using the A34/M40 junction No.10 at Bicester, or when going to London due east, it can be quicker to use the B4027 via Islip towards Wheatley – see map here.   Ignore most vehicle GPS systems, they tend to not account for such rush-hour traffic of course.


For those wishing to travel via train, we recommend the use of the brand new Oxford Parkway station to the south of Kidlington, a 6-8-minute drive (3 miles) via taxi to the terminal.   This is preference to Oxford City, Bicester or Hanborough stations which are all viable alternatives.   The journey time via train is from 55 minutes to/from Oxford Parkway or 45 minutes to Bicester or 60 minutes to Hanborough.

For business jet clients, we can arrange onsite helicopter shuttles to anywhere in the UK or into our own heliport in central London – The London Heliport.   Flights take from 22 minutes to/from the door of the aircraft to/from central London.   Call/e-mail Customer Services for further information.

Go to National Rail Enquiries for train times and costs.

Both local taxis or chauffeur-driven vehicles of any class, standard or size can be arranged through our Customer Services on request.


have a base at London Oxford Airport although there are several other rental options nearby

For all transportation enquiries, call:
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