Local Community, Noise & Environment
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Local Community, Noise & Environment

London Oxford Airport is committed to local community and surrounding environment

London Oxford Airport is acutely aware of its place within the local infrastructure and the impact of its activities on the local community.   As a hub of over 25 individual businesses, collectively employing well over 1000 people, the airport aspires to attract more companies here, ideally involved in aviation and aerospace activities.


Accordingly, we will engage with our local authority – Cherwell District Council, on all matters pertaining to future development and aspirations, whilst we also hold four monthly Airport Consultative Committee meetings with representatives from the local community and other stakeholders with interests in what the airport does.


Noise issues are dealt with by our team and any communication on such matters is recorded and logged.    A noise abatement plan is published, occasionally updated and made available to pilots and operators via our Noise Abatement page, be they rotary wing (helicopters) or fixed wing aircraft.


Since 2006, when the airport refurbished and widened the runway and installed a precision landing system, the airport committed to a Section 106 Agreement with the local authority, placing for the first time, limits on operating hours and total movements at the airport.    Additionally, there are limits on the hours when jet engine testing can be undertaken.

As a privately-owned business, the airport aspires to continually grow and develop its property, attracting new business to the area, albeit in a planned, sustainable manner and all significant proposed development will be tabled with the planning authority as required.    Certain aviation-related development to meet operational needs, is allowable under the General Permitted Development Order, Part 18 (Aviation Development) and the airport will use these rules for example when building a new hangar or other property hosting activities that have to be based on an airport.


From time-to-time any significant proposals for major development, or for local airspace or flight procedural changes, will have associated stakeholder consultations and links to such consultations placed here.


Oxford Airport ‘Call for Sites’ Representation – Cherwell Local Plan Review 2040


Noise Concerns and Complaint Form


Noise Abatement (guidance for pilots)


Airport Consultative Committee


Guide to Local Airspace (for our neighbours)


Oxford Airport Circuit Pattern (for our neighbours)


Airport History

For further information on these matters please contact:

Official Noise Complaint Line
Tel:  +44(0)1865 290 664
e-mail: noisecomplaints@londonoxfordairport.com

General Noise, Environmental Issues & Consultative Committee – the Airport Operations Director
Tel: +44(0)1865 290 798
e-mail: jivey@londonoxfordairport.com

Future Development and Planning Matters – Head of Business Development
Tel: +44(0)1865 290 685
e-mail:  jdg@londonoxfordairport.com