Filming at the airport
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A convenient and central location

Under an hour from London, Oxford city is the most filmed city in the UK outside of the capital. London Oxford Airport has also hosted filming activities for decades as a convenient site less than an hour from some the UK’s major studios and film stages, with large hangars and plenty of ramp space when aircraft or helicopters might be included.

The airport has hosted numerous production companies for both television and major blockbuster films, advertising shoots and music videos. We have also hosted photoshoots for fashion, car launches and numerous media articles.

Availability of hangars for film work varies according to aviation activity, but short, day or two shoots can usually be accommodated without too much difficulty. However, new facilities are built from time to time and on occasion we can and do host week-long or longer productions.

Hangars generally have ample power for extensive lighting and can be secure and used exclusively by the production companies with complete privacy. Actors, celebrities or other VIPs can be based overnight if necessary in a multitude of high-end hotels just five minutes away in Woodstock or 15 minutes away in Oxford city.

Another location very often used in productions is Blenheim Palace, just 1.5 miles from the airport and with this proximity to the city of Oxford and Blenheim, it can maximise efficiency and minimise costs to co-ordinate the use of two of those locations simultaneously, or at least back-to back.

As an airport, we can of course locate and facilitate the use of all manner of aircraft and helicopters if part of the equation.

For very large scale productions, we would consider building a bespoke stage facility (that would revert to being hangar post-production), given enough notice, as we have a constant need for new hangarage and can establish in under 12 months without planning constraints.

To discuss options, availability and practicalities talk to either of the following contacts at the airport initially:

Business Development & Marketing
Tel: +44(0) 01865 290 710 / 720
e-mail: and