Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) and Drones
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London Oxford Airport


Air Traffic Control


Phone: 01865 290 650

Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) and Drones


With effect from 13 March 2019 new regulations came in to force regarding the flying of small unmanned aircraft (drones) in the vicinity of aerodromes with the establishment of flight restriction zones; details are set out in CAP1763. These restrictions apply to any small unmanned aircraft, no matter how small.


Full details of the UK legislation can be found here


You must not fly a SUA within the flight restricted zone of a protected aerodrome without obtaining permission. London Oxford Airport is a protected aerodrome. Diagrams showing the Flight Restricted Zones around London Oxford Airport can be forwarded on request but a useful overview across the UK can be seen here.


  • The flight restricted zone is active at all times (H24) and applies to all small unmanned aircraft of any mass, even small toys
  • During the hours of operation of the London Oxford Airport ATC Unit (summer and winter 0600-22:30 local times) permission must be obtained from the ATCO on duty. Outside ATC hours permission must be obtained from the aerodrome operator. If permission cannot be obtained the flight may not take place.


The contact number for London Oxford Airport is 01865 290 600 or Air Traffic Control on 01865 290 650


Click HERE to request a Drone Permit. Please provide as much notice as possible, ideally 10 working days.


Any SUA remote pilots operating under ORS4 General Exemption E4853 are reminded that they shall not permit their aircraft to fly within the flight restriction zone of a protected aerodrome without permission.


Any model flying clubs or individuals who wish to enter in to annual agreement to operate within the London Oxford Airport flight restriction zone should email the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) providing details of location together with days/times of operation.